Husqvarna Viking H Class 200S Overlocker

Looking for the secret to fast, sturdy and stunning seams? Look no further than the H|CLASS™ 200S overlocker machine. Impressive speed. Intuitive threading. Incredible results.
2,3 and 4 Thread Sewing
Trim the Edges, Stitch Seams and Overcast in One Step
Differential Feed
Easy Threading
Automatic Thread Tension Release
Adjustable Stitch Length, Cutting Width and Presser Foot Pressure
Integrated Adjustable Edge Guide
Extra Pressure Foot Height
Built-in Thread Cutter
Recessed Cutter
Electronic Speed Control
Waste Tray
Snap-on Presser Foot System
Two-thread converter
Stitch finger B
Screw drivers
Extra cutter
Thread nets
Spool disc, Holder and Cap
Accessory bag
Lint tray
Vinyl dust cover
Needle pack
5 years