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Sweet Sixteen InSight Table with built-in Stitch Regulation. The table includes the InSight Table and Table Insert to suit the HQ Sweet 16 machine. IMPORTANT: The HQ Sweet Sixteen must already be compatible for the HQ Tru-Stitch (please see below to see if your machine is compatible)




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How to check if your Sweet Sixteen compatible with new the InSight Table.

You will need to ensure that your HQ Sweet 16 has a firmware version of 3.27 or higher to be compatible with the new InSight Table with built-in Stitch Regulation. To find your version number turn on your machine and touch the "More" button on your main screen, then on the next screen touch "Sys. Info", the next screen will show you the firmware version of your machine. When you place your order we will also need to know your machine’s serial number and may contact your for this information.

Version 4.12 Features.
• Tru Stitch enabled
• Low-bobbin estimator and alarm.
Record how much thread is on a full bobbin. Reset and when the bobbin becomes low it will sound an alarm in notification. You can pre-set up to 3 different thread types.
• Four basting stitch options.
Basting stitches can be set for every half second, three quarters of a second, one second and two seconds.
• Quilting alarm and timer.
Set an alarm for how long you wish to quilt. Set the timer to know how much time you are spending on your quilt.
• Set Language.
Screen can be set for English, French, Spanish and German.

IMPORTANT: If your machine does not have the features outlined above you can still upgrade to the new InSight Table, however you will need to have your machine updated.  We can help you achieve this by sending your machine's 'brain' and screen to Handi Quilter Australia for "hard programming". Please contact us for further information about how to do this and the extra cost involved.

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