PFAFF ICON Quilters Table

Made of sturdy, smooth Plexiglas. This terrific table substantially increases your work area to accommodate the extra space quilters need. Even very large quilting projects can be handled comfortably.



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Only works with PERFORMANCE ICON.


How to Use the foot properly

How to use:

Make bias strips long enough to cover the cords and wide enough to wrap around the two cords plus seam allowance.

  1.  Place the cords on the wrong sides of the bias strip – side to side – and wrap the fabric around the cords.
  2.  Place the fabric and cord under the presser foot with the right cord under the left groove of the foot, and the raw edges to the right.
  3.  Adjust to center needle position – straight stitch and stitch length 3.
  4.  Keep the cords against the fold as you sew.
  5.  Trim the fabric close to the seam and press seam allowance to the left.
  6.  Wrap the excess fabric to the center back of the cord.
  7.  Put the covered cord under the two grooves of the presser foot and sew it onto your sewing project.