Rainbow Batting – Cotton 5cm x 20m


Perfect for use with Jelly Roll

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A lightweight cotton batting, in a size convenient for crafts.
Pre-cut Polyester Batting 20mts(21.9 approx Yards) by 5cms (2 inches)

This Rainbow Batting has been especially cut for use with 2½" Pre-Cut Fabric Strips a.k.a. Jelly Rolls, Bali Pops and Rainbows

Why is it a little narrower? When the Rainbow Batting is placed down the center of a 2½" fabric strip, it does not quite come to the edges, making it a lot easier to work with especially when enclosing within the strip of fabric, it can be folded inside the strip without edges of batting being visible or bulking up in the center once enclosed. Making it a lot easier to work with and a better end result than using a full width strip.