Charcoal/Wool/Poly 2.4m Wide Batting

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$36.30 p/m

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Soft and easy to needle by hand or machine.
Fine scrim to lock in fibres and prevent bearding.
Great for those with allergies.
Made in Australia from a unique blend of fibres to increase loft and produce a very soft result.
No resin, sprays glues or bonding.
Pre washed & pre shrunk

60% Wool 40% Polyester
Machine Washable
Medium Loft
2.4 Metres Wide

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Weight 0.600 kg

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Care Instructions

To ensure that your batting lasts as long as your quilt, please take the best of care when washing.
This batting is machine washable. Matilda recommends washing with “Qwash”, Matilda’s Own quilt fabric wash with a purpose built wash formula, or a suitable pH neutral, low phosphate fabric wash.
Residual shrinkage is 2%.

Why Buy Charcoal Wool/Poly?

Charcoal brings colours darker than beige to life. Fabrics will look full and rich in colour and your colours will pop. Not recommended under white or very pale colours. Charcoal has been dyed in a 3 part process using fibre reactive dyes so there is no residual dye left in the fibre. Shrinkage is even less than 2%.
A beautiful product, the only natural fibre based dark batting in the world.